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WHO: Everyone! (Including you. Especially you!)
WHAT: New Years' Day celebrations at the new Shinto shrine.
WHERE: Tensou Shrine, a little ways up the main mountain of Atia.
WHEN: 1/1/11, all day.
WARNING(S): Sex is very frowned-upon at the shrine. You will get disapproving looks, and you will get kicked out. It's supposed to be a sacred place! So probably not, but will update if necessary.

*Good morning, Atia! Happy New Year! Were you intending on sleeping off your hangover? Hope you feel better! Unfortunately, at the crack of dawn, you may be woken up by the sound of a bell ringing across the island - a bell from a little ways up the mountain.

Tensou Shrine is officially open, and you - yes, you - are invited to the New Years' Day festivities! Yes, even if you don't practice Shintoism. Yes, even if you aren't Japanese, or even from Earth. Everybody is welcome to ring in the New Year, offer wishes and prayers for the year to come, and even get your fortune told!

They'll be open all day, so you can still come after you've slept that headache off.*

(ooc: Totally open post! Feel free to mingle and jump threads as desired in all of the threads! The shrine folks will be tagging around here and there, but it's really for everyone else~)


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