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Name:Sanae Kochiya // 東風谷 早苗
Birthdate:Feb 1
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» NAME: Sanae Kochiya
» FANDOM: Touhou Project
» CANON POINT: Post-Touhou Hisoutensoku (12.3)
» AGE: 18 physically, 16-18 canon
» GENDER: Female/Female
» ORIENTATION: Unknown in canon, but flexible? She's a teenager, come on. And there are like... five named guys in Gensokyo. Tops.
» COLLAR: A thin white ceramic snake coiled around her neck - think this, but white (like the decoration she wears in her hair in the above photo).

» YES: Most vanilla stuff, into light bondage, I guess? Very flexible.
» MAYBE: Ask me! Still flexible.
» NO: Any violence/mutilation/blood/bathroom play.

» APPEARANCE: Sanae is a teenage girl of average height and slender build - though she's a bit bustier than most her age, it isn't by all *that* much. Perhaps her most eye-catching feature is her sea-green hair that reaches down to just below her shoulder blades, in striking contrast to her yellow eyes. While she lets it hang freely in the back, Sanae wears two hair decorations in the front as little icons of the goddesses she serves in her shrine: The first, representing Lady Suwako, is a small hair clip in the style of a cartoon frog's face, and the second, representing Lady Kanako, is a white snake that wraps around one of her forelocks. They're both very important objects to her.

Sanae is usually found wearing an outfit styled similarly to those of traditional Shinto shrine maidens, but with blue trim instead of the red - and detached sleeves for extra fashion sense. Don't ask me, it must be a Gensokyo thing.

In Atia, she will be wearing a ceramic collar in the style of the snake clip she wears in her hair, looping twice around her neck, for extra irony/embarrassment points.

» PERSONALITY: If there were one word to describe Sanae - as much as you can ever encapsulate an individual's personality into one word - it would be "enthusiastic." She's energetic and determined, and takes to her duties with gusto, whatever those duties may be - whether hunting dangerous youkai or just serving as a shrine maiden and doing chores around the Moriya Shrine she keeps.

Her life and work as a shrine maiden are perhaps the defining factors in her life. She's grown up as a miko, meaning she's grown up knowing how to be polite and demure, how to handle responsibility, how to handle common household chores and the rites of her religion. Of course, as the direct descendant of Suwako, one of the goddesses of her shrine - and a person with the power to grant miracles (chiefly wind and rain for crops), who had quite a bit of faith placed in her - Sanae also grew up as a human girl with the powers of a living god.

As you can imagine, this resulted in her having quite a bit of confidence in her own abilities from a young age, to the point where her repeated claims of being a living god are treated in Touhou fanon as practically being her catchphrase (it's not, but she does say it quite a bit).

She's confident in her own abilities and quite enthusiastic - but still quite polite when she needs to be - but Sanae is also kind of naive and innocent. When she and her goddesses moved their shrine from the "real" world into the mystical world of Gensokyo, and decided to spread their faith to the lands below their mountain - but found competition in the form of Reimu's Hakurei Shrine, Sanae thought nothing of simply marching down to Hakurei and notifying Reimu that the Moriya Shrine was now here, and that she should close up shop. Or become a branch shrine instead. There was no problem with that, right? She was simply confident in her naive belief that Reimu would see things her way.

When her enthusiasm and naiveté collide, Sanae can come off as very airheaded or ditzy. She's certainly not unintelligent, it's just that she has a tendency to get ahead of herself and leap to conclusions - she's also the one who proclaimed that one can't let oneself be held back by common sense in a place like Gensokyo.

It doesn't help that she's also a bit of a nerd. She adores the ideas and concepts of science, desperately wants to meet aliens someday, and has a secret love for anime - especially mecha. Sanae harbors a deep desire to one day have a giant robot of her own, and has canonically gone to great lengths to track down a huge shadow in the Gensokyo mists that she thought *might* have been a giant robot.

So yes, she's a bit of a derp. A well-meaning derp who might love hunting youkai a bit too much - because it's fun - but who doesn't actually want to *hurt* them too badly (if they aren't actively hurting humans, that is). That would just be mean of her.

» BACKGROUND: Unlike most of the characters in Touhou Project, Sanae was actually born outside the mystical fantasy world of Gensokyo. She grew up in the "real world" outside Gensokyo, and served as the shrine maiden at the Moriya Shrine under the goddesses Kanako Yasaka and Suwako Moriya (actually her ancestor). Sanae earned a reputation as one who could create miracles, and that reputation/the peoples' faith in her caused her to almost become a goddess herself despite being human.

Despite this, peoples' faith in spirits was declining in the outside world, so the goddess Kanako decided that they would take the shrine and move to Gensokyo, a world where faith was strong and gods could still exist. Sanae, as the dutiful shrine maiden, went along with them, even though the land of Gensokyo was far from what she'd grown up used to. Still, she managed to adapt to the new setting despite all the monsters and youkai around the place.

The Moriya shrine soon extended its influence all over youkai mountain, but when they decided it would be best to expand to the rest of Gensokyo, they realized that there was another shrine - that of shrine maiden Reimu Hakurei. Sanae informed Reimu that she should shut down her shrine and leave everything to them from now on, but then she got blasted in the face by lasers as the Stage 5 boss of "Mountain of Faith." Serves her right for underestimating the heroines.

Still, the two shrines worked it all out peacefully in the end. Sanae assisted the others in solving another incident regarding a mysterious treasure-ship-slash-UFO in the sky, and in doing so came to enjoy one of the *other* duties of a shrine maiden - that is, hunting the youkai that threaten humans. It's fun, really.

Afterwards, Sanae pursued a mysterious giant figure she saw in the Gensokyo mists, thinking it to be the giant robot that she'd always dreamed of riding in one day. Unfortunately, it turned out to be nothing more than a steam-powered doll created by the kappa at the behest of one of her goddesses, Suwako.

Sanae still longs to one day have a mecha of her own. Keep the dream alive, Sanae!
» OTHER: Sanae will totally try to set up a shrine on Atia. She can't be a shrine maiden without it!


» OOC JOURNAL:[info]cftfic
» AIM: Funkadelict7of11
» EMAIL: cantfakethefunk (at) gmail (dot) com

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