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How's my driving?

If you have any concerns about how I play Sanae, feel free to voice them here! Good/bad/ugly, it's all welcomed - comments are screened and anonymous is enabled! Crit is incredibly welcome, though I'd appreciate if you kept it constructive if possible.
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WHO: Everyone! (Including you. Especially you!)
WHAT: New Years' Day celebrations at the new Shinto shrine.
WHERE: Tensou Shrine, a little ways up the main mountain of Atia.
WHEN: 1/1/11, all day.
WARNING(S): Sex is very frowned-upon at the shrine. You will get disapproving looks, and you will get kicked out. It's supposed to be a sacred place! So probably not, but will update if necessary.

*Good morning, Atia! Happy New Year! Were you intending on sleeping off your hangover? Hope you feel better! Unfortunately, at the crack of dawn, you may be woken up by the sound of a bell ringing across the island - a bell from a little ways up the mountain.

Tensou Shrine is officially open, and you - yes, you - are invited to the New Years' Day festivities! Yes, even if you don't practice Shintoism. Yes, even if you aren't Japanese, or even from Earth. Everybody is welcome to ring in the New Year, offer wishes and prayers for the year to come, and even get your fortune told!

They'll be open all day, so you can still come after you've slept that headache off.*

(ooc: Totally open post! Feel free to mingle and jump threads as desired in all of the threads! The shrine folks will be tagging around here and there, but it's really for everyone else~)
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Marisa - A hat stand! For the witch's hat.
Alice - A new sewing kit - needles, clippers and scissors, as well as a bunch of spools of thread of various colors.
Sakuya - A tea set. Unfortunately, it probably isn't as nice as any in the Seakitty mansion. She was on a tight budget.
Meiling - A bracelet with her name on it.
Reisen - A book of human myths about the moon.
Nue - A scarf. Maybe she can use it to cover her face? Sanae didn't put much thought into this one.
Kanako - A pendant with a small purple stone matching her hair.
Suwako - A little ceramic frog.
Nitori - A new toolbelt.
Kogasa - A knit hat. She saw it right near the scarf she bought Nue.
Reimu - Sanae had no time to buy presents. Have 10 Amat, Reimu.


Keiichi - She made him some food! Anything really portable, like onigiri.
Sanosuke - A folding fan for his fan dance. It's not the best quality but she wrote his name along the side.
Raleigh - She didn't really know what to get her, so she just made her some cookies.
Kagami - A lockbox to keep things in, especially for the shrine.
Ranka - Cooking supplies!
Alto - A little model plane.
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The Character Expression Meme

Character: Sanae Kochiya
Journal: [ profile] mikotaku
RPG: [ profile] amatomnes

.hurt..guilty..bored..laughing. love.

Snag yourself the coding here.
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Tensou Jinja
Shrine of Divine Thought

diety: [ profile] okami_shiranui
shrine maiden: [ profile] mikotaku, [ profile] kagamiku & [ profile] whatishardwork

Hello, Atia! If you look up the mountain one of these days, you may see something that wasn't there before - a red gate a ways up the hill. That is the gate of Tensou Shrine, a Shinto shrine constructed here by some of the Japanese residents of the island for practitioners of Eastern faith.

Okay, so there's a shrine. What can you do there? Well, for some residents of the island, merely having one around might help make this creepy little place feel a bit more like home, and a bit more tolerable. For everyone else, though, the shrine has three main functions:


A divination for what the future has in store for you! Drop some money into the box and take the rolled-up fortune in return. Traditionally, it is most common to seek one's fortune at the beginning of the New Year, but it isn't unheard of to try your luck when you could use some certainty for the future.

*Prayers & Wishes

If you'd rather not leave things completely up to fate, or if there's something particular you'd like to have go well, you can pray for it here! Purchase a wooden ema plaque from the shrine maiden attendant, write your wish or prayer on it, and hang it in the special structure for your message to be heard! What are you hoping for - health, romance, long life, a way off the island? Go right ahead! (Though we can't promise the shrine's gods can answer all of them...)


In case you'd rather take your luck with you, why not purchase one of these little handcrafted amulets? They've been properly blessed, after all, and are said to ward off bad luck and help them in tasks and ordeals to come. Why not hang one from your communicator device for a bit of good fortune?

*Donation Box

It's true that these are all things that cost money (though you can always come and ring the bell for free), but just remember: It's only properly valid when you've paid for it! Otherwise, the fortune or blessing won't count.

If you have no desire to get any of these things, however, there is still a donation box at the front of the shrine. This is a non-profit group, yes, but they need money to pay the bills and to put food on the table.

Won't you donate an Amat or two?


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